The art of rising when you fall

The art of rising when you fall
04 Sep 2015
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The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.

Vince Lombardi - Football coach

Rising from a fall is an art. I’d say it is an art, because it involves some effort from within. You can’t just rise from a fall without any effort. As Vince Lombardi mentioned, any successful person would rise after a fall. A few things we must understand to master this art of rising are listed below.

1. Falling is for everyone

When you fall, the first time, you tend to think that it is only you who fall because you don’t have experience or courage to do it. The next time you fall, you think that it is not something you should be doing. First, appreciate the fact that falling is for everyone. It is not just for kids. It is not just for amateurs. It is for adults. It is for masters. It is for animals too!

2. The effort

To master the art of rising, one should understand the efforts that needs to be put in. The first effort is to make up your mind, to take enough effort to rise. Understand why you fell, be determinded to rise, be an inspiration to yourself and finally put all the effort you can, to rise!

3. Rise quickly, and everytime

During our fall it is very natural for us to take a break. We feel like giving ourselves a break, stay where you fell and retreat. No, this is not good idea. Rising quickly is the key! The more you delay, the more chances for you to not rise anymore.

4. Be preprared, to not fall again

Do whatever it takes, to train youself to be fit and not fall again. You know what made you fall, so be prepared to face the challenge the next time you start once you have risen. Preparing yourself, to not fall again, is a wonderful piece of the art you will need to be a master yourself.


Abilash Praveen

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