• I’ve worked with Abilash for over a year now, and found him to be very reliable, helpful and easy to work with. In short a professional in every respect. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to use his services.

    Merrian Styles
    Author, Speaker, Change Facilitator, Marketing Consultant
  • Abilash is a key member of the Concise Creative team, nothing is ever impossible and despite being called on at numerous odd hours, Abilash is there to assist. I thoroughly enjoy working with him and I will continue to enjoy his humour as we work together towards likeminded goals. Cheers!

    Gareth Lane
    Digital Marketing Director focused on delivering concise.digital solutions
  • Abilash is a committed individual and a trustworthy person. He is a good IT service provider.

    R.Stephen Ilango
    Development Officer ( Senior Business Associate) at Life Insurance Corporation of India
  • Abilash provides an impeccable service in Linux and Windows server administration. His experience does not hide in their performance.

    Gerald Ekosso
    IT Manager at Hydes Distribution
  • Abilash an ambitionus guy who goes beyond the boundaries and try his best to reach the goals. What is impressive on him is the way he developed himslef over the 4 years i have known him while in college and then further on when he has been into the job! Good luck to all your endeavours Abhilash and i am sure you will do well!

    Idikula Mathew
    Sustainability leadership, strategic & dynamic collaborations.
  • Praveen is a diligent, oriented and highly motivated manager. His technical skills are admirable. I have known him for several years now and have often turned to him for technical help and advice regarding business development issues. He has been a motivation in many ways. I wish him all the very best and God’s Blessings always.

    Rebecca David
    Graphics Software Engineer at Intel Corporation
  • In working with Abilash Praveen, I’ve appreciated his flexibility, good communication, integrity, and willingness to be available and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

    Steve Ferwerda
    Freelance Web Developer
  • Abilash Praveen developed and launched my website. Besides creating a beautiful design, he developed a customized software and connected my website to payment gateways. My website is complex and needs periodical changes and updates. Because of his professionalism, and responsible attitude to his work I have been hiring Abilash since 2008.

    Bibe Cook
  • Abilash is easy to work with and a fun guy. I have worked with him from across the ocean and he made the time difference seem like nothing. He seems to be always available and willing to help.

    Thomas Umstattd
    CEO at Castle Media Group LLC
  • Abilash has consistently provided the right web product for my application. A good resource for web based applications

    Barnabas Tiburtius
    Associate at GCSSFS - Global Centre for Study of Sustainable Futures and Spirituality
  • Abilash Praveen is a dedicated individual who strives to provide excellence in whatever he does. During the course of our relationship we have become close friends and colleagues.

    Sheldon King
    IT Manager at Hydes Distribution