What is the purpose of education?

What is the purpose of education?
12 Apr 2015

The way she is educated can change the society at large


Education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction

The whole purpose of education seems to be defeated by various misconceptions in the current generation. These days education has become more synonymous to “grades”, “marks” or “ranks”. While I do not deny that these are important, I would strongly stand for the freedom in responsible education.

Responsible Education

When I say responsible education, I mean to include social responsibility in to the education system. The basic idea behind responsible education is not generate or produce graduates but to build a community of educated people.

Finally, education should not be just books and blackboards. It should take them beyond the books and blackboards and empower them to make a living by using what they received during the process of education.


Abilash Praveen

I have over a decade of experience in technology and business. It is my passion for the development of the rural and the underprivileged in the society that has driven me towards contributing the wealth of my professional and personal experiences for the welfare of the society.