Why I reduced my weight from 106 kg to 87.5 kg in 6 months

Why I reduced my weight from 106 kg to 87.5 kg in 6 months
01 Oct 2016
Weight Loss

it's more to do with your mind than your body

Abilash Praveen - Entreprenuer

Weight loss is the most sought after topic in the entire world these days. There are many websites, mostly commercial, that promises weight loss of X kg in Y number of days. Although interesting to read, and watch videos of what they claim to be the usual before-after testimonials, I’m still waiting to meet someone who has really lost weight using these modern techniques or pills or diet.

I’m here to talk about why I lost weight and not about how I lost weight. This post may sound very irrelevant to those looking for weight loss but I can assure you that when you have read the complete post, you will surely know the secrets to weight loss. Feel free to ask me any questions using the comment box below and I will be happy to answer.

So, here are 3 reasons why I lost 18.5 kg in 6 months!

1. The Choice was, hard

When I was weighing 106 kg in March 2016 my life was not easy. Every time I had to dress up, I felt like packing a bag of muscle pushing harder so it doesn’t overflow. I had to park my car as close as possible to my destination not only because I could not walk too far but I also ended up sweating a lot and that made me uncomfortable. Snoring was then an add-on I couldn’t get away with. Even a power nap of 3 minutes had at least 2.5 minutes of snoring. Did I also tell you that I couldn’t breathe if I lied down on the bed? 45 deg sleeping position was comfortable, but unfortunately I did not have a hospital bed. There were other problems too, I did not mention here as I wanted to keep this short.

When I thought about weight loss it was scary, uncomfortable, tough, hard, and whatever names you’d want to call it. I had to make up my mind.

I had to choose between being obese and loosing weight. Both were equally hard.

I made up my mind, I decided to lose weight!

2. Taking control of myself

With too much of weight came too much of problems. For years, I was either very happy or very sad. Nothing in between. I had very high hopes when I was happy, and then by the time I became sad all my hopes seemed to be a mirage. I was not in my own control.

Isn’t that too bad when you have no control over your own self?

Something within me told me that I had to have a lot of physical activity in order to beat this stress. I started jumping ropes, running and everything I can so I’ll sweat like a dog.

Today, it’s not that I don’t feel sad but I have control over myself and I decide and balance myself between too much happiness and too much sadness. You should talk to me to understand how gentle and peaceful I feel now.

3. The storage issues

I felt like I was better than all the modern storage devices. I could store so much on my belly. Whatever I ate did not seem to go out of my body. It all seemed to be piling up every time I ate. I had no clue why that happened but I couldn’t stop eating, neither could I stop storing it in my body!

I had so much of physical activity but I was still on the same weight – meaning, my storage capacity was still the same with no free space and an always increasing capacity. I had to find ways to get rid of all the stored content. I thought eating fat caused all issues. Later I realized that it’s the carbs and sugar I had to stop feeding my body with. I almost completely stopped taking carbs and sugar. All I was eating was fat, fat and fat! Finally I managed to get rid of the massive storage capacity in my body and keep it to a decent level.

My younger daughter weighs about 17 kg. I was shocked to realize the fact that so many years I had been carrying a child inside my body all along!

I'm concerned about you

Whoever you are, if you are over weight or obese, I would like to tell you that I’m really concerned about you. I have personally gone through all the pain and understand how you feel. As I always say, weight loss is more to do with your mind, than with your body. For a healthy weight loss, start with a healthy decision in your mind. When you have reduced your weight, drop a line in the comments so I know.


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