5 reasons you decided to give up

5 reasons you decided to give up
12 Aug 2015

You have probably heard people talk very often about why you shouldn’t give up very easily. But have you ever wondered, why in the first place, you decided to give up? This is not a comprehensive list but most common misconceptions that lead you to give up in your life.

1. Loss of hope

Ask anyone who is giving up on a goal or a vision in their life, and most of them will come up with an answer that they have lost hope. They no longer believe they can do it. At this stage, they are tend to believe that they are a failure.

But the truth is.. you are able to try once more and if you lose, you had the courage to try it and if you win, you gained the hope, the hope you can give someone else.

2. Believing in myths

Someone who is about to give up is likely to have believed in myths. They listened to stories that appeared to be wise but was actually bad or a false idea. One example of a myth is the instant success. Everyone wants to be successful overnight and they believe this is possible.

But the truth is.. whoever you think or appears to be successful overnight always has had a past that was not very easy. You have achieved to a significant level so far and you can achieve more, if you do not believe in myths.

3. Underestimated self

They had a very low estimation about themselves. They did not know how a change in themselves could impact the society and people around. They did not know what the world might be missing if they did not accomplish.

But the truth is.. what you accomplish is going to change the world. When you have accomplished, you will understand how you overcame an expensive loss to the society if you had given up.

4. Learnt it wrong from the past

You have learnt the wrong lessons from your past. You have grown the fear of failure more than the desire for success during your journey in the past.

But the truth is.. each failure in your past is a lesson to improve your future. The lessons from your failure can be used to inspire your desire for success.

5. Incorrect rewards

Rewards are very useful in determining how you do something. Every human has a built-in rewarding system that is managed by their brain. Incorrect rewarding system is a very common reason to give up. People may give up for the reason that their hard work was not paid for, relating success to money.

But the truth is.. money is not the reward for your success. Money is what you need to buy your food, not something that can buy you success. Success is when you have made an impact.

Have a story to share?

If you have a story about how you decided not to give up, or if one of the above were a reason for you to give up, or even if you think these are not reasons to give up, I would love to hear from you. Send your comments in the box provided below or write to me.


Abilash Praveen

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